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New Excuse for Missing B2SR...
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Author:  theplasticone [ Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:01 pm ]
Post subject:  New Excuse for Missing B2SR...

It's a Christmas tree dash! And other things! :guns: pirate2 :woohoo:

Suddenly had problems turning over the engine this afternoon - a few uncomfortably long cranks before it got started. SES/VDC/Slip popped instantly, so there went my plans to get a birthday haircut. Limped a mile towards Advance Auto (not entirely sure if it was in limp mode or what) and then the transmission kicked, lit up the 4WD, Oil, and Brake lights, and more critically I lost power steering and throttle. I'm not sure if the engine actually stalled or not because I was focusing on the lack of steering. Rebooted in the middle of the street, another long crank, then pulled into Advance Auto only to find out they didn't have a code reader.

Did the ECU reset twice, eventually cleared it, and headed home to ponder my next step. I had to take care of something else so I chanced it again - this time started right up, but once again a mile later the transmission bucked and I lost throttle and steering, and the whole dash lit up. Again, not totally sure if it actually stalled or not because I was focused on guiding the truck to a stop in traffic. Restarted in traffic (long crank) again, lights went back to SES/VDC/Slip and I finished my business. Did one last ECU reset and I'm back to just an SES. So far starting easily.

On Facebook Justin suggested the alternator because of the Christmas tree, but I don't think that's going to cause the trans to kick/stall and my lights and accessories are running fine. Battery is a new AGM as of February, so hopefully that shouldn't be an issue. Some folks are telling me camshaft position sensor, others are saying IPDM. Trans fluid was recently done so it shouldn't be a problem but I'll check that too.

I'm gonna check grounds and other connections tomorrow if I can, but otherwise I'm going to very carefully crawl to Nissan on Saturday (unless one of you bozos has another idea).

Fortunately this all happened in the city during a Sox game, so I didn't have to move very quickly, but I'm definitely not traveling long distances until I get this sorted out.

Author:  SilverX [ Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Excuse for Missing B2SR...

Sounds similar to when my camshaft sensor went a while back. Long crank start one day, fine the next. With the battery and alternator testing fine, I was stumped. Took a few days before the light came on and threw a code. $30 and 20 minutes later I was off and running. Good luck

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